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In 1990, the Toronto General Hospital consolidated all transplant services into one organizational structure, bringing together heart, lung, liver and kidney transplant programs. This new approach to transplant care centralizes both physical and professional services within in-patient and ambulatory care settings. This framework contributes to the optimum use of resources and capitalizes on a strong multidisciplinary team.

As you browse through this site, please take the opportunity to explore the many facets of the Multi Organ Transplant (MOT) Program. We are pleased to share our perspective on the science and art of transplantation.

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Training Program in Regenerative Medicine

In association with the CIHR Institute of Health Research's (CIHR) innovative Strategic Training Initiative in Health Research, we are offering you the opportunity to receive cutting-edge research training in health research.

The field of regenerative medicine, defined as the practice of repair, regeneration, or replacement of tissues, organs that have failed, has enormous potential to revolutionize diagnostic and therapeutic approaches via the development radical new therapies. This broad field encompasses numerous innovative areas including stem cell gene therapy.

Individuals will have the opportunity to be trained by some of Canada's top researchers at leading institutions in the following areas: immunology and tolerance, molecular biology, stem cell biology, gene therapy, ethics and clinical trials.
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UHN Wins Three Infrastructure Grants from the Research Hospital Fund Worth $17 million dollars

The Research Hospital Fund (RHF) is a program of the Canadian Foundation for Innovation (CFI). The first round of competition was recently announced and UHN was awarded $17M in funding from the RHF.

The CFI website describes the use of this fund as follows:
"The Research Hospital Fund is designed to contribute to research-hospital based projects that support innovative research and training. The $500 million fund was allocated to the CFI by the federal government as part of the 2003 Accord on Health Care Renewal, making it possible to take full advantage of the state of the art equipment, innovative ways of doing research and the hospitals' increased research capacity."

To qualify for this competition, grants had to already pass the peer review process of the 4th round of CFI funding. Teams led by Drs. Tak Mak, Gary Levy, and David Jaffray had won large CFI grants in that competition and therefore qualified to submit grants for additional funding in the RHF competition. Across Canada 12 grants were successful for a total of $60M. Across Ontario 5 grants were successful for a total of $27M. Therefore, the achievement of our research teams – 25% of the grants and 28% of the funding for all of Canada is noteworthy. The funding will allow us to set up unique facilities and undertake innovative medical research.

Investigator Reward in Genomics in HCV

Liver diseases such as Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C are the most common causes for cirrhosis and hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC). The mechanism by which HBV and HCV viruses cause liver damage and the specific genes that are involved during this pathological process is largely unknown.

Dr. Ian Douglas McGilvray, PhD received $379,800 for a study on the genetic link between chronic liver disease and liver cancer.

Rehabilitation Program for organ transplant patients launched

St. John's Rehab Hospital has unveiled a new Transplant Rehabilitation Program for people who have had organ transplant surgery. The specialized rehabilitation program is made possible through an innovative model of transplant care created in partnership with the Multi-Organ Transplant team at Toronto General Hospital, University Health Network. It is the first of its kind in Canada and will speed up and improve patients' recovery while reducing health care costs.
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